BUS 210 Southern New Hampshire University Organizational Evaluation Proposal Presentation

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Imagine you are a new manager at the SNHU Pet Supply Company. The  company has grown from a small, local pet-supply company into a large  organization with locations in Manchester, New Hampshire and Denver,  Colorado. It also employs remote staff. The manager you are replacing  was with the team for two years and left on negative terms, which  exacerbated an already concerning team culture.

You have been asked to present a management plan that addresses  identified areas of concern, rebuilds the team’s culture, and aligns  organizational practices to leadership.

Leadership has provided you with a management brief that outlines the  key pieces of information you will need in order to make informed  recommendations.


Use course resources and the information provided in the Project One  Management Brief (located in the Supporting Materials section) to  develop recommendations that will meet the needs of your new team and  align with your organization’s mission, vision, culture statement, and  goals.

Use the Presentation Template to create presentation slides that  highlight key pieces of information, and use the Speaker Notes Template  to outline what you would say when presenting your recommendations in a  future meeting with leadership. Both templates are located in the What  to Submit section.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Team Management 
    1. Leadership and Management: Describe leadership and  management practices that you feel would be best suited to manage the  team. Explain why you believe these practices are in alignment with the  organization’s mission, culture, and goals, as well as how they would be  effective in improving the team’s culture.
    2. Followership: Explain how you would leverage your  strengths as a leader to strengthen the team’s effectiveness and  culture. Also explain how your strengths could be used to develop  followership within your team.
    3. Decision-Making Models: Describe decision-making  models that you believe will be the most effective for the team and  management approach and their alignment with the organization, as well  as how they would be effective in improving the team’s culture.
    4. Emotional Intelligence: Describe considerations for  ensuring your management practices are emotionally intelligent and  inclusive of diverse perspectives, needs, and roles within your team.  Explain why you believe they are in alignment with the organization and  how they would be effective in improving the team’s culture.
  2. Communication and Collaboration Across Functions 
    1. Forms and Functions: Explain how the various forms  and functions of the organization impact the team; also explain how the  team impacts the various forms and functions across the organization.
    2. Communication Practices: Describe the strengths and  weaknesses of the current communication practices being used across  functions, and recommend better ways to communicate that meet the  organization’s needs.
    3. Organizational Mission, Vision, and Goals: Explain  the general purpose of organizational missions, culture statements, and  goals and what these three things say about the way an organization  should operate. Take organizational structure, leadership and management  approaches, and diversity and inclusion practices into account when  considering an operation.

Supporting Materials

The following resource supports your work on the project:

Reading: Project One Management Brief
This  document provides an overview of the team’s current management and  leadership practices and its existing team culture. Review this  information to complete your project.

A text-only version of the image in this resource is available: Project One Management Brief Text-Only Version.


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