Ashford Ethical Challenges Presented by An HR Management Situation Essay

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Using the SHRM code of ethics, prepare a 3-4-page plan that states your recommended course of action and analysis for an internal hiring scenario with ethical implications.

HR professionals work hard to encourage others in the organization to reflect and apply the ethics of the profession. Also, we have to be very cognizant of the rules of behavior associated with the organizations for which we work. Many organizations have their own code of conduct or guidelines of behavior. Any confusion should be dealt with promptly by working with the leadership and general counsel. We are, in the end, agents of the firm, no matter what type of organization we work in, and it is our responsibility to work diligently to support leaders in establishing a culture of trust and respect between the organization and its employees. In this assessment, the SHRM behavioral competency Ethical Practice and the HRM content knowledge area of Risk Management will be important for supporting your recommendation for a challenging hiring scenario, with potential ethical implications.


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