Abraham Lincoln University Tax Cuts Act by US Congress in late 2017 Report

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Following the passage of the Tax Cuts Act by US Congress in late 2017, several large corporations announced the offering of employee bonuses and other incentives to their employees as a good faith gesture of passing on parts of the tax gains to employees. In early 2018, United Airlines offered a lottery system of employee rewards and incentives instead of the more traditional employee bonus package. However, United’s plan quickly backfired and resulted in public humiliation for its top executives. Based on the information discussed in chapter one of your main textbook, how would you categorize the business orientation of United Airlines? If you were the top executive at United, would you have authorized a study to identify the proper employee incentive structure prior to making an announcement? If you were tasked with conducting research to recommend United Airlines on its bonus policy, how would you define the problem? After reviewing chapter six, list a few (at least two) questions that your research will attempt to answer.

Review the article titled, “From Risk-Seeking to Risk-Averse: The Development of Economic Risk Preference from Childhood to Adulthood” by (Paulsen, et.al, 2012). Based on what was discussed in chapter three of your main textbook and the theories discussed in the article, what would be your proposition if you were given an opportunity to present your case in favor of conducting research on this matter. Based on your proposition, create a hypothesis that could be used in your research. Finally, how would you restructure the employee benefits package if your hypothesis was confirmed.

Please write a 2-3 page report in APA format with 6 peer reviewed sources.


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