Employment Law Questions

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Answer the following 6 questions.  Must be clear and concise.  No word limit, but you MUST cite references!

Chap 6

1.  What types of
employer conduct with respect to unions does the law prohibit? Do you agree
with these prohibitions?

2.  What role do you
believe Unions have in today’s economy?

Chap 7

1.  Compare
arbitration in a union environment with arbitration in a non-union environment.
Do you think the union arbitration approach provides a fair resolution of
employee grievances?

2.  Assume that you
are in charge of drafting the Employer’s e-mail policy that intends to permit
Employer monitoring of e-mail. What points would you address in the policy?

Chap 8

1.  Under IRCA
verification procedures, may an employer insist that a prospective employee
with a foreign accent produce either a certificate of naturalization or an
Alien Registration Card?

2.  Do you believe
OSHA should consider the cost of compliance? If so, and assuming employee
injuries and fatalities can be traced back directly to the lack of regulation
because of the cost, how far are you willing to go before you require that
safety measures be taken regardless of cost?


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