Colorado Technical University Diagnostic Models to Identify Problem Causes Paper

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Part 1: Write 650800 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Your earlier presentation to the executive leadership team at Heavy WorX has initiated interest in a system approach for increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and morale of the organization. The senior leadership team advocates for you to implement a successful planned change program. Before implementing the program, you need to anticipate the potential for resistance to change throughout the organization.

Based on your readings, research, and experience, discuss the following:

  • What resistance to change might occur with individuals, groups, and organization as a whole?
  • What strategies or techniques can an organizational development practitioner use to reduce resistance to change?
  • How could these methods be used in the context of Heavy WorX?

Please answer the questions with extensive knowledge and citation and references

Assignment Objectives

Demonstrate an awareness of a range of organizational assessment tools, techniques, and facilitate an understanding of the appropriate application, capabilities and limitations for effecting successful change in organizations

Demonstrate comprehension of the fundamental principles, methods and tools used in Organizational Leadership (OL) for bringing about change in organizations.

Develop skill in the application of organizational tools and methods to diagnose the functioning of an organization, to develop recommendations for solving problems, and to design and implement, individual, group, and organizational effectiveness.


As an experienced leader, you know that the company needs to be proactive, be perceptive, and respond quickly to the ever-changing internal climate and external environment. You currently have an initial assessment of the climate and the external factors affecting Heavy WorX. It seems necessary to inform senior leaders that organizational development (OD) relies on valid diagnostic information about current problems and possible opportunities for improvement.

How can you convince senior leadership that you need to gather diagnostic information about the current climate and the company’s situation? Complete the following for this assignment:

  • Identify and describe 5 diagnostic models or data-gathering techniques that could potentially be used at Heavy WorX, and include a comparison and contrast between the models and techniques.
  • Choose 3 diagnostic models or data-gathering techniques to use to diagnose the problem at Heavy WorX, and describe why they are recommended.
  • Describe how the data will be analyzed and used to create a diagnosis of the problems at Heavy WorX.
  • How will you determine the root cause of the problems at Heavy WorX?
  • Explain your role in diagnosis, and discuss the support and resources you might need.

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