Create a 2-3 page proposal that analyzes your business topic, defines the scope and strategy for how you will go about your capstone project, and explains how your proposed project allows you to demon

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Create a 2-3 page proposal that analyzes your business topic, defines the scope and strategy for how you will go about your capstone project, and explains how your proposed project allows you to demonstrate the MBA program outcomes.


Based on the feedback you received from faculty on your capstone summary in Assessment 1, you should now have a firm grasp on the scope of your project. In fact, if someone asks you what your project is about, you should have an “elevator speech” prepared. That is, you should have memorized 1–3 sentences that explain the topic, problem, and scope in a clear and concise way. With just these few sentences, explaining your project to someone while on a short elevator ride would be no trouble at all! Additionally, having such a clear vision will help you with this assessment and the project overall.

For this assessment, you will formally propose your capstone project.


  • Review the MBA Capstone Project Description [PDF].

Assessment Description

Write a business proposal that formally proposes your capstone project and ends by asking for permission to continue, just as you might propose a project to a supervisor or client.

Include, at minimum, the following information:

  • Analyze a business challenge or opportunity.

    • Include an introduction about your proposal.
    • Summarize the capstone project topic, scope, and components; saying that your capstone will comprise a paper and presentation is not enough.
    • Establish the premise of your paper; for example, if your plan is to talk about how Dillard’s department store can come back after a huge financial loss, you should include citations that establish its dramatic financial loss.
  • Define the strategy, scope, and action plan that you will use to complete the capstone project.

    • Provide a general action plan on how you will research, analyze, and identify recommendations or solutions to this business challenge or opportunity.
    • Discuss the general type of data sources you will be using to inform your analysis. Provide at least two specific sources that you are considering. These resources should be from credible sources such as the Wall Street Journal, IBIS, et cetera. Use the excellent Research Guide – MBA for locating credible resources from the Capella library’s business databases and article collections.
    • Include the process or steps on how you will access the data necessary for analysis of a business topic or challenge.
  • Write a conclusion.

    • Include a wrap-up that ensures your supervisor/client that your project will meet all requirements, be valuable to them, and be completed on time.
    • Be sure to conclude by asking for permission to continue to the next step.

Your proposal should be organized using these sections:

  • Introduction.
  • Summary.
  • Discussion of the Proposal.
  • Strategy and Scope.
  • Action Plan.
  • Conclusion.

Create a 2-3 page proposal that analyzes your business topic, defines the scope and strategy for how you will go about your capstone project, and explains how your proposed project allows you to demon
Disney Movies Technological Innovation Name University Disney Movies Technological Innovation I chose Walt Disney because it uses the current technologies, and the developments in the company are consistent with the contemporary world. The company operates the product mix of media networks, including television and cables. The product line mix extends to parks and resorts and studio entertainment. The business has been operating since October 1923 in California, US. Notably, the company has a decentralized cooperative multidivisional (M-Form) organizational structure (Mu et al., 2022). The system is material in Disney as the company has a broad operational breadth. I want to discuss technological innovation as an opportunity for growth in the organization. The company is an appropriate choice because its technology as the opportunity therein has been instrumental in making the company fantastic and magical in its capacity (Mu et al., 2022). The company has become extraordinary through technology, even beating its competitive peers The Scope of the Project First, this project captures the transformational role of technology in the theme park experience. In connection with that, it is essential to understand how it elevates lives in the park. Secondly, it looks into the application of technology in robotics which performs stunts for guests. Also, the report entails how Disney raises the bar regarding parades. I will use online journals and the Disney website to collect data to source information regarding their technological innovations. Besides, I will use online questionnaires and surveys to collect information from the company’s employees, managers, customers, and other stakeholders. The absolute requirement for sourcing information is identifying the target audience. In the process, the risks associated with the procedure include incorrect information from the audience. In relation, access to the respondents will be difficult. To mitigate the challenge, early preparations will be necessary. Also, in the surveys, I will input precise guidelines to offer directions for the respondents while feeding their minds to the questions. How the Topic will allow me to showcase my Leadership Ability The program has various outcomes. The first outcome will be about the potential threshold of technological advancement of robotics and their application in Disney’s productions. The company can develop a “struntonic” as a robotic figure to perform stunts for their guests. The stunt may become the first one of its kind at the parks of Disney, according to Huang’s et al. Strategic Analysis of Disney Branding Management. It’s possible that guests will always like it and pay more visits. To find out the possible hindrances to the maximum realization of the parades – the potential outcome is that the company will raise a very high bar on this. However, developing enough technology to support night parades will take much time. However, if it works, the parades will cause a lot of joy and excitement. That will entertain and attract more guests. With the issue of parades and robotics, it is easy to explain that the project scope is consistent with its outcomes. Indeed, the project scope demonstrates the project’s outcomes. That also explains that the users of the report will find it reliable. In conclusion, Disney’s technological innovation is indeed an opportunity for the company. I plan to discover how technological advancements will help the organization increase its customer base. More guests will visit the company’s outlets when the product line grows. In essence, the project also captures the possible revenue increase associated with the innovations. I plan to involve the most dedicated audience and build a research base that will be useful in the following surveys. References Huang, J., Li, J., & Li, Y. Strategic Analysis of Disney Branding Management-a SWOT situational analysis and recommendations. Mu, Y., Bossink, B., & Vinig, T. (2022). Developing a classification scheme of service innovation: Synthesizing degree and type of change in service innovation. Annals of Tourism Research, 95, 103411.

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