“Colonial Broadcasting” case, business and finance homework help

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This Assignment requires you to use Excel—make sure you also submit the Excel
file to show your work. You will receive a 100-point deduction if you fail to
include the Excel file showing your work. Place all calculations for
each of the questions on a separate worksheet. Then, using the results of your
work from Excel, prepare PowerPoint slides to answer the questions in a
presentation format. All relevant content should be on the slides; do not
use the notes section or leave information in the Excel file. The executives
reviewing the presentation should not need to switch to another document to see
the required information. The data you need is provided in an Excel file in the
course. Make sure to use that file.

For your final project, you will be analyzing the “Colonial Broadcasting” case.
Begin by reading the description in the case. Then answer the questions listed
below, NOT the questions listed in the case. Ignore everything in the case
after the end of page 4.

View the Directions Icon below for full Assignment details. Use the spreadsheet
below to complete this Assignment.


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