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Read “Employee First, Customer Second: Vineet Nayar Transforms HCL Technologies”

Read at least two scholarly articles that address effective organizational leadership generally, or at HCL Technologies specifically.

Write a paper of approximately 750 words that answers the following questions:

    • In what ways was Vineet Nayar effective and ineffective in implementing change at HCL Technologies?
    • Write a brief performance appraisal of Nayar, explaining each of the following core tasks, and provide an example to support your evaluation:
      • Developing and communicating purpose
      • Establishing performance goals
      • Facilitating upward communication
      • Strengthening the emotional bond between employees and the organization
      • Developing future leaders
    • Do you think Nayar deserves all or most of the credit for how well or how poorly the organizational change turned out? Why or why not?
    • Besides Nayar, what other individuals or groups in the case were instrumental in the success or failure of the change? Describe how they contributed to or resisted the change effort

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