Why IT Fumbles Analytics

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I have an assignment which is the below:

Organizational Strategy and IT: What’s wrong with Analytics? Why IT Fumbles

Organizational strategy may be considered as the coordinated set of actions that leverages the use of organizational design, management control systems and organizational culture to make the organization effective by achieving the organization’s objectives. The organizational strategy works best when it meshes well with the IS strategy. Optimized organizational design and management control systems support optimal business processes which reflect the firm’s values and culture.

Organization structure is the way of designing an organization so that decision rights are correctly allocated. The structure of reporting relationships typically reflects the flow of communication and decision making throughout the organization.

Take an example company (Walmart, AIG, Uber, Netflix etc.) ( I I chose Netflix) who is currently trying to set up a structure for its analytics to succeed and serve their organization’s goal of an effective marketing. They are trying to gain customer insights aimed at better loyalty and retention. Considering the above discussion, assume you are an outside consulting firm and review the HBR reading “Why IT Fumbles Analytics” with your team. Address the following questions in no more than 10 slides and 20 minute presentation:

I’m responsible for doing number 1 and 2. ( not more five slide)

  1. Why a big data and analytics project cannot be treated like a conventional large IT project?
  2. How can the organization strategy and structure be optimized to support the IS strategy for successful analytics.
  3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your example company in leveraging IT for successful analytics.
  4. What specific guidance can be provided to your example company in the light of “Why IT Fumbles Analytics” discussion?

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