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Assignment Instructions

Learning Objectives

•Apply decision-making techniques.

•Determine factors affecting decision implementation.

•Evaluate resources and actions required for implementation.

•Evaluate ethical implications of a decision.

•Evaluate decision-making outcomes and processes.


Develop a business editorial that presents your position on a timely business issue. Support your position with credible references on your topic of interest.


Your paper should be written using APA style and include, at minimum, the following:

•A clear statement of the issue

•A thorough discussion of each of the premises

•Credible, supporting evidence for each of the premises

•Response to each of the counterarguments, including evidence

•A strong, logical connection between the premises and the conclusion

•Thorough research and documentation

•Writing that presents a compelling argument

•At least 5 different citations, 3 of which are from the APUS Library

•Approximately 3 to 5 pages

Be certain to carefully research your position using credible sources with proper citations.

Follow APA format


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