Strategic Audit – Tesla Motors

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100% Original NO Plagiarism Assignment Instructions

Using the guides and resource suggestions listed in Chapter 12, perform a strategic audit of Tesla Motors, Inc.  A good starting point is the company’s investor relations website at:

The audit should include the following:

I.  Current Situation

a.  Current Performance

b.  Strategic Posture

II.  Strategic Managers 

a.  Board of Directors

b.  Top Management

III.  External Environment

a.  Natural Environment

b.  Societal Environment

c.  Task Environment

IV.  Internal Environment 

a.  Corporate Structure

b.  Corporate Culture

c.  Corporate Resources

V.  Analysis of Strategic Factors

a.  SWOT

b.  Review of Current Mission and Objectives

VI.  Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy

a.  Strategic Alternatives

b.  Recommended Strategy

VII.  Implementation

VIII.  Evaluation and Control

Unoriginal Content:

Your essay may contain no more than 10% quotes from other sources.  Paraphrase what you read instead of copying and pasting.  You may not re-use work that you have submitted in previous classes. All work in this class must be original.

Essays that contain more than 50% unoriginal content will not earn any credit.  Essays that contain between 10% – 49% unoriginal content will receive a substantial point deduction.  Paraphrase instead of copying and pasting. Please note there is a difference between unoriginal content and plagiarism.  Unoriginal content is correctly quoted and cited.  Plagiarized sentences and paragraphs are not correctly quoted or cited. Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero for this assignment.

Format for Case Analysis:
The Strategic Audit

There is no one best way to analyze or present a case report.
Each instructor has personal preferences for format and approach. Nevertheless,
in Appendix 12.B we
suggest an approach for both written and oral reports that provides a
systematic method for successfully attacking a case. This approach is based on
the strategic audit, which is presented at the end of Chapter 1 inAppendix 1.A. We
find that this approach provides structure and is very helpful for the typical
student who may be a relative novice in case analysis. Regardless of the format
chosen, be careful to include a complete analysis of key environmental
variables—especially of trends in the industry and of the competition. Look at
international developments as well.

If you choose to use the strategic audit as a guide to the
analysis of complex strategy cases, you may want to use the strategic audit
 in Figure 12–1. Print
a copy of the worksheet to use to take notes as you analyze a case. See Appendix 12.C for
an example of a completed student-written analysis of a 1993 Maytag Corporation
case done in an outline form using the strategic audit format. This is one
example of what a case analysis in outline form may look like.

Case discussion focuses on critical analysis and logical
development of thought. A solution is satisfactory if it resolves important
problems and is likely to be implemented successfully. How the corporation
actually dealt with the case problems has no real bearing on the analysis
because management might have analyzed its problems incorrectly or implemented
a series of flawed solutions.

FIGURE 12–1 Strategic Audit Worksheet

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