Southern New Hampshire University Sport Marketing Discussion Questions

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First, read Chapters 1 and 2 in your text and read the two articles How the NFL Became America’s Game and The NFL’s Future in Europe on the NFL’s marketing success and global expansion.

Next, in your initial post address the following:

  • NFL teams play fewer games than any other major U.S. professional sports league, which traditionally would mean fewer opportunities for revenue. What marketing decisions did the NFL make that helped them overcome this apparent disadvantage?
  • The NFL has sought a presence in Europe since the 1980s, but the league’s efforts have increased in recent years with the addition of regular-season games played overseas. Do you think the NFL will ultimately be successful in developing a strong market for American football in Europe? Why or why not?

Be sure to reference the articles and the text in your post when appropriate, as well as any additional resources you feel, would be relevant. Please let me know if the textbook link does not work.

Link to textbook:!/4/2@100:0.00

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