Organizational Leadership Group Project Work

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I need Step 2 to be completed for my portion of the group project. I listed the entire thing so you can see how step 2 will factor in with the rest of the project. It is important to use APA format for citations, and citations MUST BE SOURCES PROVIDED IN THE ATTACHED. No other sources may be used for this assignment. Please read through the entire project to ensure you understand Step 2.

BMGT 365 – Week 2 Team Deliverable #1 – Job Announcement


The purpose of this project is to gain an understanding of what it means to be a leader within an organization and to use characteristics and skills required of a leader in a real- world application.

Skill Building:

You are also completing this project to help you develop the skills of research, critical thinking, teamwork, writing and developing a job announcement. Writing is critical because in business it is important to convey information clearly and concisely and to develop a personal brand. Developing a personal brand is important because it is the ongoing process of establishing an image or impression in the minds of others especially those in positions above you. Having a strong personal brand can lead to opportunities that include promotions.

Skills: Research, Writing, Critical Thinking, Developing a Personal Brand, Job Announcement

Outcomes Met With This Project:

  • use leadership theories, assessment tools, and an understanding of the role of ethics, values, and attitudes to evaluate and enhance personal leadership skills
  • assess the interactions between the external environment and the organization to foster responsible and effective leadership and organizational practices
  • Collaborate in teams utilizing effective communication techniques
  • Develop individual awareness, style, and communication skills that enhances leadership skills
  • Integrate and apply analytical principles and skills to make strategic decision

This project is the first of three group projects. Members of the team will collaborate acting as a self-managed team. As a self-managed team, members take a collective responsibility for ensuring the team operates effectively, sets team goals, manages time, makes decisions and solve problems, communicates frequently and clearly, and meets the deadline. You may have team members that are located all over the world. Working in a virtual environment should not stop the self-managed team from being successful in reaching the final goal. All work must appear in the Group area. If you work outside of the group area, you will not receive credit for the collaborative work.

As a self-managed team, the following is the work for which team members are responsible:

  • setting goals
  • determining roles and responsibilities for each team member
  • actively participating and communicating in the Group area of the classroom
  • completing the agreed upon work prior to the deadline
  • resolving problems and issues among the team members
  • agreeing on a final product as a group (consensus decision making)
  • submitting the final product into the Assignment Folder (all students will submit into the Assignment Folder)

Collaboration starts by having one member of the team go into the Group area and create two new threads:

  • Team Responsibilities
  • Post Your Memo Here

Under the first thread, your team will set goals, determine the roles and responsibilities of each team member, determine a schedule for communication, set deadlines (do not set the deadline for the last day), and any other needed schedule to complete the task.

Post your Memo from Week 1 into the second thread. You will discuss the critical information in the memos and along with the instructions below, will write a job announcement in narrative format.

To: HR director

From: Vice President

Date: 23rd August 2019

Subject: Adjustments to the Job description previously drafted

In reference to the job announcement made for warehouse managers, several inadequacies on the job description have come up, that require immediate attention before the final hiring is done. The announcement is well fitted to bring forth managers with hard skills. The provisions in the announcements focus significantly on the ability of the warehouse managers who embraces a cross-sectional approach in handling issues. The manager is viewed as an influential element, who spearheads change while focusing on the core goal of making a profit at less costs (Aizenman, 2016). This is Biotech in the 1990s since the announcement gives an impression of the manager equipped with hard leadership skills relevant at the time. For instance, the manager should supposedly have the potential to handle a fast-paced environment and meet deadlines. These requirements were ideal for a hands-on position in the 20th century. Biotech back in the years required a steadfast leader who could keep up a fast pace and influence the employees to uphold a similar speed. These skills were valid, then, since technology and market forces for natural products were relatively less dynamic.

However, a leader in the present age would hardly fit in the capacity of the one in the advertisement. The company is now placed amidst dynamic market forces coupled with the diverse technology being used in the development of new products. A manager in the previous century posited hard skills to coerce and prove themselves credible by use of authority as pointed out by Silva (2016). A manager would, therefore, be required to possess hard skills, while communication in the organization took a top-down approach. Presently, managers are viewed as active stakeholders towards the achievement of company goals and are required to exhibit intangible skills such as an ability to positively influence employees through adequate communication (Lee, 2016). The hierarchy that existed in the 1990s have been replaced by networks linking all aspects of production in Biotech, and the manager would not exercise the desired level of authority. It is, therefore, possible to arrive at a consensus that the announcement needs to fill up an information gap to attract current standard managers.

In the present day, a manager is an epitome of change and a functional entity towards the realization of company goals. Managerial tasks are embodied in the relational theory (Silva, 2016). There is an increasing health concern, and this calls for exceptional managers to foster innovation and keep up the market forces. Some of the skills that characterize a manager are still constant such as innovative ability and being a role model for the staff. However, a 21stmanager exhibits skills tailored to success in today’s business environment. Communication today has become a significant determinant of business success. Ability to harness the employee potential is firmly rooted in the decisive and insightfulness of the manager. The manager should embrace technology and the growing diversity of the workforce. The effectiveness of leadership, therefore, depends on the flat organization culture that employees are looking up for (Lee, 2016). The announcement, therefore, needs to reflect Biotech’s core values in a language suggesting a leader with soft skills, relevant to the 21st-century business world. Biotech requires managers with solid interpersonal skills interwoven with adaptability to change. For example, a purposeful, visionary manager with solid interpersonal skills and an ability to embrace change and take the company to the next level in terms of health. These changes need to feature in the announcement to attract high skills relevant to the present-day market characteristics.

Please be sure to adjust the job description into one more appropriate with the 21st century.

Thank you

The Vice President.


Aizenman, J. (2016). Optimal Currency Area: A 20th Century Idea for the 21st Century? (No. w22097). National Bureau of Economic Research.

Lee, M. R. (2016). Leading virtual project teams: Adapting leadership theories and communications techniques to 21st-century organizations. Auerbach Publications.

Silva, A. (2016). What is leadership?. Journal of Business Studies Quarterly, 8(1), 1.

To: Jennifer Diaz, HR Director, Biotech Health and Life Products

From: Chelsea Love, Vice President, Biotech

Date: 8/21/2019

Subject: Leadership Definition for New hires

The existing advert is not effective in the modern world. An effective leader is someone who can successfully sell a vision to the workforce and not just manage the employee. The leadership perspectives have changed since the 90s where common leadership styles were bureaucratic or authoritarian styles, which required strict adherence to policies, procedures, and structures. The advert does not recognize teamwork but is looking for someone to manage employees and to ensure they follow company policies which require bureaucratic and authoritarianism.

The advert should instead encourage a proactive approach and teamwork approach where the leader will be able to create a working relationship with the team, sell the vision, and motivate the team. The most useful language for this role instead would be interpersonal, communication, organizational, planning, training supervising, and staff appraisal and objectives. This would spur innovation instead of encouraging resistance or low morale. The modern environment requires leaders who are visionary and can inspire and guide employees instead of using authority to achieve results (Simon Sinek on Leadership at TED – A must watch video for All CEOs and Management – DevGadhvi India [Video file], 2017). Modern leaders are about high, skill, vision, and the ability to motivate while exhibiting sensitivity to diversity and encouraging innovation. I believe that by making the necessary changes, the firm will be able to attract the best leaders to fill the position


Simon Sinek on Leadership at TED – A must watch video for All CEOs and Management – DevGadhvi India [Video file]. (2017, September 17). Retrieved from


Step 1: Course Material

For this project, you are required to use the case scenario facts and the course material. External sources are not permitted. You are not researching on the Internet or using resources from outside the course. You are expected to answer the requirements identified below showing the connection between the case scenario facts and the course material. Using course material goes beyond defining terms and are used to explain the ‘why and how’ of a situation. Avoid merely making statements but close the loop of the discussion by explaining how something happens or why something happens, which focuses on importance and impact. In closing the loop, you will demonstrate the ability to think clearly and rationally showing an understanding of the logical connections between the ideas presented in a case scenario, the course material and the question(s) being asked. Using one or two in-text citations from the course material throughout the entire paper will not earn many points on an assignment. The use of a variety of course material is expected consistently supporting what is presented. The support must be relevant and applicable to the topic being discussed. Points are not earned for mentioning a term or concept but by clearly and thoroughly explaining or discussing the question at hand.

Step 2: Your Role

Your group will act as Jennifer Diaz, Human Resources Director at Biotech Health and Life Products (Biotech).

You received an email from the Vice-President. There are two immediate openings that must be filled: Warehouse Operations in Dallas and in Miami. The email describes the specifications for a job announcement for these two positions. You will create a job announcement that can be placed on by incorporating the memorandum details from each group member’s memo from week 1, from the course material from week 1 and week 2, and theBiotech Company Profile. You must use a mix of the course material and not be dependent on the company profile or the memos. You are not lifting chunks of information directly from the company profile but taking key concepts and turning them into aspects of the job announcement.

The group should seek to comply with the requirements of the Indeed website. [Note: Your team is not actually submitting on but the quality has to be good enough for submission. At the same time, do not copy anything from, as this group assignment has to be your original work]

Step 3: Complete the Biotech Leadership Competencies Table

The Biotech Leadership Competencies Table will help your group determine the leadership competencies important for leadership at Biotech that are critical for the Job Announcement. See the directions for completing that table in the attached document Biotech Leadership Competencies Table.

The identified competencies are required to appear in the job announcement and explanatory document.

Step 4: Completing the Job Announcement

To complete the job announcement:

  • Define the term ‘leader’ that fits Biotech. You are not taking an existing definition and applying it to Biotech. You must create an original definition.
  • Identify the leadership competencies the new leaders at Biotech will possess to accomplish its vision.
  • Identify the leadership style(s) encouraged by Biotech’s definition.

The job announcement must have a narrative and is not a compilation of bullets for the leadership aspect of the project. The job announcement must comply with the requirements set out by Remember that this job announcement relates to leadership.

Step 5: Explanatory Document

  • In the same document, create a title page with the course name and number, project name and team member names. Below the Job Announcement:
  • Write the explanatory document using Times New Roman, 12” font, double-spaced with headings that explains:
  • How and why the job announcement reflects the themes and specific readings from week 1 and week 2.
  • The reasoning for the choice of language used in the job announcement. Be specific.
  • Make sure the responses to these requirements provide support for the reasoning and conclusionsfrom the course material. When using source material, in-text citations and associated references in a reference list must exist.

Step 6: Review the Project

  • Read the grading rubric for the project. Use the grading rubric while completing the project to ensure all requirements are met that will lead to the highest possible grade.
  • Contractions are not used in job announcements, so do not use them.
  • Paraphrase and do not use direct quotation marks. This means you do not use more than four consecutive words from a source document, but put a passage from a source document into your own words and attribute the passage to the source document. Note that a reference within a reference list cannot exist without an associated in-text citation and vice versa. If direct quotes are presented, they will not be included in the grading. If direct quotes are used (even if no quotation marks are used) they will be excluded from the grading.
  • Direct quotes are NOT allowed if they are quotation from course materials. This means you do not use more than four consecutive words from a source document, but put a passage from a source document into your own words and attribute the passage to the source document, using in-text citations in APA format. Changing words from a passage does not exclude the passage from having quotation marks. If more than four consecutive words are used from source documents, this material will not be included in the grade and could lead to allegations of academic dishonesty.
  • In-text citations should be included in ALL SECTIONS of the report, and should demonstrate application of the course material. Note that a reference within a reference list cannot exist without an associated in-text citation and vice versa. Provide the page or paragraph number for ideas that are reference in all in-text citations.
  • You may only use the course material to complete this project. If external source material is used, that material will not be included in the grading.

Step 7: Submit Project in the Assignment Folder

You will submit two documents in the Assignment Folder:

  • Job Announcement labeled, Group #, – Job Announcement. This document contains:
  • the job announcement
  • the 2 – 3 page explanatory element of the project
  • Leadership Competencies Table labeled, Group #, – Leadership Competencies Table

One student from each group will submit these two documents in the Assignment Folder and Turnitin on behalf of his/her group. All students are responsible for the final agreed upon job announcement in the Assignment Folder. Student who submit a project different from other classmates will receive the group grade unless it is deemed that no work or almost no work was performed as a team member. It is incumbent upon every student to verify the assignment is the correct submission. No exceptions will be considered by the instructor. Every member of the group is responsible for ensuring the documents are submitted timely.

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