Constructing Formulas Using Solver

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This week we learn about Excel Solver in some detail. In the assignment, you get to look at a spreadsheet set up to be used with Solver, you run Solver and then you begin to make modifications before you set up your own Solver spreadsheet and run Solver.

The most common errors that I have observed with people using Solver are:

Errors in the spreadsheet (most of the time, if you make a logic error in the spreadsheet Solver will tell you there is an error and will not run)

People select the wrong objective (Min, Max, or Equal to — make sure you choose the right one for what you want)

Getting the less than or greater (< or >) than signs mixed up in the constraints

Once you get the idea of how Solver works it becomes fairly easy, however it takes a bit of trial and error at first so start this assignment early.

In part 1 of Assignment 6-1 you get to explore a spreadsheet set up for using Solver and you can look at a Solver box that has been programmed. When you download the spreadsheet click on Data in the ribbon and then select Solver and the Solver box will open. Check it out. When you go to Parts 2 and 3 you will be revising the spreadsheet and/or programming of the Solver box. For Part 4 you will be required to construct a spre

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