Rasmussen Arbitration Role: Dispute Between IBEW & CAC PP Presentation

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For this phase of the project, you will take on the role of the Arbitrator. Your manager has asked you to create and prepare a checklist and a presentation to present to the union leaders meeting later in a couple of weeks. The checklist is shown below, in which you will provide the information requested (you can copy and paste the checklist right into your presentation if you wish). Also, your manager has asked you to prepare a 5-6 slide narrated presentation using the following:

  • Introduction
  • A summary of your decision
  • Three reasons to support your position
  • Two future recommendations to avoid additional disputes


Name of 1st Party:

Name of 2nd Party:

Paragraph summary of dispute:

Arbitrator(s) names:

State of Arbitration:

Arbitrator(s) compensation:

If you need help in setting up a PowerPoint that includes narration, follow the guide here



5-6 slide presentation


Provides summary of the Arbitrator’s position


Includes three reasons supporting the Arbitrator’s position


Includes two future recommendations to avoid additional disputes


Arbitration Agreement Checklist completed





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