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Please provide a 5 sentence response to this post.

Hi class,

It is very interesting the way he think and the way he built something like Facebook. I can only imagine how was the transition for him starting to have “an office”, having the Facebook Team all in one place and introducing new features to the website. I liked when he was saying about how to check if the team was doing a great job without being there all the time to just look at them, he knew he was working with smart people and with professionals but he wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly.

Other than that, he wasn’t clear about what the team was supposed to be doing at the time like just maintain the website or introduce new project for new universities, etc. I can see that the Team Dynamics experience can be only for Millennials just because the product that they were working on, it what just a social website back then and only for universities, the environment was basically college and maybe 100% of the first 50 people hired by Facebook was college even that didn’t even finish degree. But they were really smart. I want to see the working environment now that Facebook is 10000x bigger.


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