San Diego State University W15 Zappos Culture Analytical Review

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please see attached pdf these are the two zappos videos

Instructions on the document:

View the two Zappos Culture video and the lecture video on culture in Week 15. Make sure you take good notes on this lecture topic. Please answer the questions below using the two Zappos videos provided. Please do NOT use other videos/information as we cannot verify the validity of your answers.

Assignment: Imagine that you are a consultant doing an organizational assessment of culture. Fill out the following information about Zappos for each of these levels of culture as portrayed in the two videos. Each item below is worth 4 points for a total of 40 points. Please save the completed document with your name on it and submit as attachment. Otherwise, enter your entries directly into the text box.

  • Artifacts
    1. Personal enactment (provide one example):
    2. Ceremonies and rites (name one rite of enhancement and one rite of integration):
      1. Enhancement:
      2. Integration:
    3. Stories (name one story about Tony Hsieh, the CEO in the videos):
    4. Rituals (name one ritual):
    5. Symbols (provide their company symbol):
  • Espoused values (name two values):
  • Basic assumptions (name two possible basic assumptions)

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