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Throughout this course, you have been analyzing the
different facets of two organizations’ (GE and Alibaba) strategic
development and implementation. This week you will pull all of these
elements together, including the material you read this week about
strategic leadership. This is a critical exercise as the final written
work in the MBA capstone course. Although we broke up the topics we
studied about corporate strategy into manageable chunks, remember that
in reality business firms function and compete as integrated wholes.
The various elements of business and corporate strategy we discussed
and analyzed create value for shareholders when they complement one
another. In particular, the logic of business strategy in general must
be congruent with the particular firm’s overall strategies.

Develop an integrated analysis of the
corporate strategy of your current workplace organization, a previous
employer, or an organization you would like to work for. Reach out to
your instructor early in the week (or earlier in the course) if you need
assistance identifying a suitable organization for your final study.

Although you should review the Course Project Guidelines
document for more detail as needed, the following summary of the major
sections of the paper should help you focus your project:

  • Executive Summary—1-page synthesis
    of major ideas in the paper. What is the organization? What is its
    corporate strategy? What are one or two important pieces of rationale
    for having that strategy? What are one or two brief examples of how that
    strategy is (or isn’t) accurately implemented? What are one or two
    important recommendations you can make to the organization about the
    strategic development and implementation of its corporate strategy.
    Remember, the executive summary is a brief review that someone can read
    and get a quick snapshot of key points in your paper.
  • General Analysis of Corporate Strategy—1–2-page
    analysis of the organization’s corporate strategy. What is the
    corporate strategy? What is the rationale that management uses to guide
    its decisions and actions at the corporate level? What is the business
    logic and reasoning behind the formulation of that strategy?
  • Formulation of Corporate Strategy—1–2-page
    assessment of appropriateness and congruence of the various elements of
    the corporate strategy. Does each part fit with the logic and rationale
    of the overall corporate strategy? Is there internal consistency in how
    the corporate strategy is formulated?
  • Implementation of Corporate Strategy—2–3-page
    evaluation of decisions and actions actually made by management and of
    its ability to make those decisions consistent with the stated corporate
    strategy. Are the organization’s decisions and actions consistent with
    or inconsistent with its corporate strategy? Does it possess the
    resources and capability to follow its corporate strategy (i.e., “make
    it happen”)? Does alignment exist between its strategy and its
    leadership, structure, systems, and culture?
  • Conclusions and Recommendations—1–2-page
    justification of consultant-type recommendations to the organization.
    Does the organization need to change its corporate strategy? Does it
    need to address congruence among the corporate strategy elements? Does
    it need to address how decisions and actions are made and implemented?
    Provide clear research, rationale, and appropriate examples to support
    your conclusions and recommendations.

Present your report as an 8–12-page Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style.

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