Davenport University Neuro Linguistic Programming Paper

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Project Guidelines

use this format to submit your final work. The paper must follow all
the guidelines as instructed in order to obtain full credit.

that our team of tutors is available for any questions regarding your
final work. You must present the final version of your work as
no previous corrections will be carried out
To submit the final project, students must use the template below,
with their answers written after each statement.

present your final paper according to these requirements:

  • Arial
    12 Font.
  • Margin:
  • Line
    spacing: 1,5.
  • All
    fields on the cover page must be completed.
  • The
    document needs to be properly paged.

final project must be authentic and individual.

Any work that has been plagiarized or papers written by others or
with the help of others are likely to be failed. If this occurs for
the second time, you will not be permitted to obtain your degree.

aware that you are permitted a maximum of two submissions per
subject. If both projects do not meet the standards and fail, the
student must pay the corresponding fee to be evaluated again.

writing your final project please use Microsoft Office, Adobe or
Apache’s Open Office Writer tools (DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF, etc.). Please
consult your tutor when using a different format. Additional
information about the software will be needed.

use the following format:




project should not exceed more than 18 pages, excluding the cover
page, bibliography and the appendix.


final work will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Acquired
    knowledge (25%):

    the knowledge acquired throughout the course of the subject will be
    evaluated through the analysis of the theoretical data shown in the
    project presented by the student.
  • Development
    of the Subject (25 %):

    the interpretation of the thesis subject by the student and its
    development will be evaluated in a coherent and analytical manner.
  • Final
    result (25%):

    the final evaluation is based on coherent solutions applied to solve
    objectives set out in the paper. The presentation must be conclusive
    and formatting must meet established parameters.
  • Additional
    information and bibliography (25%):

    additional information regarding the research and subject matter
    will be evaluated and taken into consideration as a bonus. This
    consist of: bibliography, visual graphics, charts, independent
    studies carried out by the student, external academic sources,
    articles of opinion, etc. All
    sources, both printed and online, must be referenced according to
    the APA regulations.


final work of NLP allows the student to apply all the knowledge
acquired during the course, in addition to expanding and
consolidating the information.

subjects to work are of free choice, depending on the needs of each
student and the chosen cases. It is important that this work is of
maximum utility, so the subject must be chosen thoroughly to be
enriching and profitable for the personal and/or professional life of
the student.


  1. Choice
    of subject/topic:
    a real situation in which you are insecure, have a sense of blockage
    or inability to manage or cope with it normally. A situation in
    which you want to improve your current state and produce a positive
    change to improve it is also valid.
  1. The
    orientation of the work is internal, that is to say, the student is
    at the same time the guide and the explorer.
  2. Choose
    a topic to address among the following:
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Achievement
    of objectives in the workplace
  • Conflict management
  • Scared of speaking in
  • Work stress

Each of
these concepts is very extensive, and encompasses a wide range of
possibilities, it is essential that the chosen problem is related to
one of these topics.

  1. Justify
    in detail the reasons for the election.
  2. Define the problem
  3. Make
    a theoretical approach to the topic you have chosen.

  1. Define
    the Present State (PS) and the Desired State (DS):
    must briefly define in a visual way the Present State or Problem
    State and the Desired State.
  2. Define
    the goals:
  1. Formulate
    a main goal and three secondary goals
    It is time to operationalize the problem and define the goals you
    want to achieve.
  2. Elaborate
    a table with the POPSERS strategies:

    Once you have formulated the goals, make sure they are optimal with
    the help of this tool, which you can find in Module 2. Elaborate a
    table and solve all the questions that are posed in each one of the
    items (Positive, Own Part, Specificity, Evidence, Resources, Size).

  1. Case
    You must
    carry out the intervention through the techniques learned during the
    course in practical sessions. In the resolution of the case it must
    be seen how the desired state has been reached, in an orderly,
    coherent way, step by step.
  1. Choose
    at least 4 NLP techniques:

    1. Theoretical
      Development of the Technique
    2. Justification
      of the election

  1. Action
    design an
    action plan to achieve the objectives you have set, defining:

  1. of sessions
  2. Duration
    of the sessions
  3. Schedule

  1. Practical

    1. Technical
      explanation of the application
    2. Keeping
      a diary

and findings


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