BUS 120 Grossmont College AT&T Financial Accounting Project Report

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Financial Accounting Fall 2020

Annual Report Project

100 points

The purpose of this project is to learn everything you can about one company using its annual report, the Internet, the press, and stock market results and ultimately, a comprehensive project at the end of the semester. You will prepare a well-organized project for final submission at the end of the semester. The conclusion of the project is your recommendation whether this company is a good stock investment or employment prospect and why.

You will choose a publicly traded company from the list below. These companies have been chosen from the latest Fortune 500 list.



Berkshire Hathaway

Cardinal Health


CVS Health

Eli Lilly

Exxon Mobile

Fannie Mae

Ford Motor

General Mills







Rite Aid






Once you have selected your company and I have approved it, you will begin an in-depth analysis of their most recent Annual Report and other resources.

You will submit the required assignment using the Annual Project Assignments link on the course menu in the last module in Canvas. I expect you to do a good job of explaining your position.

Project Timeline:

  1. Companies chosen: November 12, 2020
  2. Final report submission deadline: December 8, 2020

Project Grading:

Your project will be graded on completeness, correctness, creativity, and the quality of presentation. .

Required components for the completed project due December 8th:

Businesslike presentation:

Cover sheet – include student names


Company Background:

Brief history & success in industry

Current news

Green emphasis

New products or services?

Cost cutting moves?


Ratio analysis:




Market Prospects



I will be available to answer questions and provide some guidance, but the goal is for you to use your talents and imagination to figure out the best methods to accomplish the objectives of this project. If you feel others would benefit from the Q&A, please ask your questions about the project on the discussion board in Canvas.


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