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Decision Analysis Relevance 

 Identify the appropriate research design methods and
techniques to address the business problem.

Successful business analysis requires understanding environments,
industries, and organizations. This comes from, among other things, experience,
solid data and information, and the proper choice and utilization of analytical
techniques. The competitive advantage an organization has is how an organization is positioned in the market to obtain an
edge over its competitors. This status is most commonly demonstrated by the
organization’s ability to generate and maintain sustained levels of
profitability above the industry average. 

With your new
knowledge of Decision Analysis, turn that lens inward to your own organization.
Think of a decision analysis process you have been involved in. Some examples
include: the development of a new product or initiative, or how decision
analysis was used to bring clarity to the communication process, help define
the problem,
and build consensus among decision makers. 


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