University of California Davis Trends in The Grocery Industry Discussion

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You are the head of analytics at an established company (e.g., grocery, financial services, pharmaceutical, or another industry of your choice), and your company is facing a difficult situation. The revenue from your major offering is declining. On technical merits, your offering is at least as good, if not better than your competitors’. Your supply chain is able to keep pace with the demand for your offering, but there have been sporadic stock-outs at your major distributors. Your market research suggests that your advertising is less creative and compelling than your competitors’. Furthermore, your major competitor contends that you have violated their patent, and is threatening a patent infringement suit. Your company is likely to go bankrupt if you lose the commercialization rights to its major offering.

Please see the attachment for the details. answer all the questions in the requirments.

At least 5 pages, each question need one page.

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