Process Control at Polaroid (A) ( Case Study )

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Process Control at Polaroid
Case 9-693-047
Case Analysis Guideline

It is a case to be bought. And, you are responsible for buying your own case.

This is an individual work. You should not collaborate with anyone in this case. You should submit your
own words, not to be found in Google, turn-in or any other sources. Please cite properly whenever it is

This is a case so you are free to put your own analysis. I would like to encourage that. However, at the
minimum I am expecting following from you in the case.

1. Discuss, the magnitude of cost of quality in R2 plant. And, how Rolf’s project Greenlight is
supposed to reduce the cost of quality. Especially, discuss what Rolf has been doing in light of
difference between the providing quality products by after the fact sample testing and rejecting
vs. controlling the production process using SPC techniques. (Hint Read chapter 10 and also skim
through chapter 11 of your textbook. Think which the two process is more representative of
Toyota Production System.)

2. You have to construct SPC charts for weight and height. Construction, analysis and insights from
SPC are the center piece of this case. Data are on Exhibit 3 and Exhibit 6. (In have shown you
how to draw SPC using the example in the book. It is slightly different here, because they use
different data to calculate the x double bar, R bar, upper and lower control limits for x bar charts
and R chart. Otherwise the process is not very different.)

a. Use data on exhibit 3 to find x double bar, R bar, upper and lower control limits for x bar
charts and R chart.

  1. Use data on Exhibit 6 to make SPC charts (x bar and R), for weight and height.
  2. Most important is analyze the Charts.
  3. In order to analyze, in detail, you have to draw separate charts (x bar and R), for weights

as well as height for each of the different shifts.
e. Give detail analysis of whether the process is in control. You should analyze for height,

for weight for each of the shifts here.
3. One of the very important methods for brainstorming in order to find the root cause of the

problems is Ishikawa Diagram (refer to page 238 in your text book.) In order to find the cause
you have to identify all the issues (related to people, machine, method and materials). Please try
to draw the diagram and use this to suggest improvements.

4. Conclusion.


Please write report in word document. Maximum word limit for this document is 1500. Charts and
tables should be extra. And, you can make the SPC in excel. Please submit the word as well as Excel

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