ISM3015CBE Rasmussen College SEC1 IT Strategy Plan for a Business Assignment

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You have spent many years as an MIS executive. You have just been
hired as the new C.I.O. for a company of your choosing. You will need to
create an IT strategy that addresses the necessary information
technology needs and projects that the company must undertake to be

You will first determine your mission, vision, and strategic goals.
Once those are established, you will create your IT strategy/plan. The
IT strategy should document how your business will plan, execute, and
measure all activities.

You will need to present your strategy to the Executive Board. As the
Chief Information Officer (C.I.O), you will need to be clear about how
your efforts will increase efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.


Create an IT strategy/plan for your business that you can present to the Executive Leadership Team. It will need to be detailed, clear, and specific so that they can understand your plan then trust in your abilities to manage this part of the business.

Your submission should be in Microsoft Word. You may use a Microsoft Word template to create your IT plan. Appendices for the organizational chart and MIS architecture may be attached separately. Each of the following sections, should be a section of your final IT plan.

Section 1 – Summarize the business and industry that you chose. Explain the type of leadership style you believe is best suited in a changing business environment. Discuss how leadership principles will help ease the challenges of a fast changing IT environment.

Section 2 – Produce an organizational chart that
adequately depicts the hierarchal relationship between the IT department
and other key business positions. Using the organizational chart,
summarize how decision making is impacted by “change,” planned or
unplanned. Describe the internal and external stakeholders that will be
impacted by the changes.

Section 3 – Evaluate the existing design of the MIS
architecture then provide a summary of how the architecture supports
business objectives. Analyzing your companies resources and the needs of
your MIS architecture, determine the best IT systems implementation
model. Create a Disaster Recovery plan that provides automated restoral
of key systems and services.

Section 4 – Conduct a systems analysis in order to
determine IT systems requirements based upon business objectives and
goals. Conduct an inventory of existing IT resources in order to
determine the impact of implementing change.

Section 5 – Create a MIS
architecture baseline that outlines the current capacity and capability
of the infrastructure. Examine and define the best systems life cycle
methodology for changes to your MIS architecture. Defend your chosen
methodology based upon the capabilities of your chosen company.

Section 6 – As changes to the MIS architecture are
necessary, explain how you will implement the changes from a Change
Management perspective. Demonstrate knowledge of the change control
process. Create a RFP that will be submitted to executive leadership of the organization for approval.

APA formatting required

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