University of New Jersey Show Me the Money Compensation at CEL Case Study

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Read the case: “Show me the money: Compensation at CEL”

At the end of the case materials, Arvidson is pondering on multiple options for his decision.

Q1. Which option would you recommend?

Q2. Propose implementation plans/strategies for the preferred option.


– Your answers should be well justified by relevant theories and evidence.

– Q1: You may propose an alternative solution other than the three given options (not a requirement).

– Q2: Action plan must be consistent with your Q1 answers. Action plan should cover 1) a specific plan to implement the chosen option and 2) action items to address potential limitations and negative consequences of the chosen option. Subheadings for each action items are recommended.

Due: 16th May

1500 words max (excluding reference list at the end). +/-10% allowed.

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