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Minimum of 250 per question

1. “Unethical
Situations in the Workplace” Please respond to the following:

a time when you experienced an unethical situation at a work place. What events
led up to this situation? Do you think it could have been avoided? Did the
company take the right action?

2. “Hacking
into Harvard” Please respond to the following:

Read Case
2.1: Hacking into Harvard,
 ( See attachment
. As applicants began to defend themselves against the penalties handed
out by the business schools, they appealed to both consequentialist and nonconsequentialist
criteria to support their actions. Some responded by pointing out that their
intentions were never malicious, while others argued they did not think
checking their application statuses would cause any real harm. Review the case
study and analyze the actions of the students from a Kantian perspective.
Consider whether the actions taken by the hackers were permissible according
the standard of universal acceptability.

3. “Battling
Over Bottled Water” Please respond to the following:

Read Case 3.2: Battling Over Bottled
Water, ( See attachment)
holds a 99-year lease for the land that the Sanctuary Spring sits on. While
lease-holders are generally understood to be able to make full use of their
land, when public resources are involved, they are limited to “reasonable
uses.” Review the case study and formulate an argument either supporting or
challenging this distinction. Support your reasoning by addressing key ways in
which benefits and burdens are being distributed between Nestlé and the
community in this case.


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