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  • Go to the Crime Solutions.gov website, Community Crime Prevention Strategies section, and choose and
    review two (2) of the community crime prevention programs profiled in this
    section. Be prepared to discuss.
  • Use the internet or the Strayer Library to
    research articles on the origins of criminalistics and
    take notes on the contributions of Bertillon, Locard,
    and Vollmer.  Be prepared to discuss.


    From the first e-Activity, compare and contrast the two (2) community crime
    prevention programs you researched from the Crime Solutions.gov website.
     Justify your response.

    From the second e-Activity, examine the key contributions that Bertillon,
    Vollmer, and Locard made to
    the development of criminal investigation. Determine which of the three (3) had
    the most significant contribution to the development of criminal investigation.
    Justify your response using one (1) example from independent research.  


    Please respond to following statement:

    street lighting and focused deterrence strategy are the two prevention programs
    I chose.  I think both are great avenues to prevent crimes.  They both work with
    the community to deter crime but differ in other ways.  Street lighting is a way
    to deter crime in general, but focused deterrence helps in stopping a specific
    crime. The benefits of both are:

    The street lighting in my community provides a sense of security and safety. Light
    increases the feeling of safety for law-abiding residents that want to enjoy
    nightly activities.  When there are more people in the streets, we perform
    natural surveillance of each other.  I can see people and others can see me.  I
    feel confident in saying that if I were in a situation and confronted by an
    offender, I would have a greater chance of being helped than on an unlit
    street.  Also, the more lighting available, forces criminals to stay away by
    avoiding potential crime scenes. 

    Focused deterrence allows the community and law enforcement agencies to work together to
    pinpoint a specific crime in a community. The implementers of the program
    research the usual offenders, behavior patterns, and background of offense then
    use all legal tools against criminals or groups committing a particular crime
    and direct social services to offenders. These changes are reported to offenders
    through mandatory meetings with community figures, law enforcement and service
    providers all in an effort to rid the community of a targeted crime that
    frequently happens in the area.


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