Operations and Supply Chain Management Worksheet

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Requirement: In four (4) total pages or less (including tables, charts, etc.) using Microsoft Word, analyze the following questions. For the capacity analysis, you can use the provided Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet but copy your Capacity Analysis into the Word document for submission.

Case Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze and address the operations and supply chain issues a diverse product mix requiring different manufacturing processes creates.
  • Differentiate between infrastructural operations decisions (i.e. day-to-day decisions and activities) and structural issues (i.e., strategic, involving investment)
  • Identify operations policies and organizational structures required by a chosen operations strategy (i.e., matching manufacturing capability to the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) and product and process characteristics).
  1. (15 points) Build a Resource-Based Operations Strategy Matrix for Morrison Company, identifying with different colors those resources and processes for each the Retail and Pharmaceutical product lines.
  2. (25 points) Using the Matrix as your reference
    1. Identify and assess the operational problems at The Morrison Company, and
    2. Explain the differences between the products (functional vs innovative), production and supply chain processes for the Pharmaceutical product line and the Retail product line.
  3. (25 points) Using the data in the case and the student spreadsheet provided
    1. Build a Capacity Utilization analysis in Excel for both the product lines and the factory. What is your analysis of capacity utilization and how should it factor into your recommendations? You can separate out the capacity analysis for the Personalization volumes.
    2. Analyze the CAGR rates for both product lines. How does that, together with the capacity analysis, influence your recommendations?
  4. (10 points) What recommendations should you offer Shauna Breen about how to address the issues at The Morrison Company? Be specific about any policies, processes or organizational changes you propose.

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