MIS350 Portfolio Milestone Week 4 Purchasing Portfolio Project Description

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Option #1: Phase 1: Purchasing – Planning and User Requirements

Please refer to the full description of the Mamma Mia Purchasing project in Week 8. As such, the paper should not be written as an essay (with introduction and conclusion) but, instead, as a business report containing only the specified subsections each week.

This week’s paper should have at least 900 words and will summarize the project’s planning and user requirements. The specific subsection headers to include are as follows:

  1. Brief description of the company and the system’s environment – not more than 100 words
  2. Detailed requirement lists
  3. Feasibility analysis
  4. Structure of the project using SCRUM:
    1. Structure of the project
    2. Initialization activities
    3. Proposed intermediate SCRUM deliverables.

Include a title page and reference page. Make sure your paper follows APA style according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

As support for your analysis, use at least two CSU-Global Library resources and/or outside, credible academic sources other than the textbook, course materials, or other information provided as part of the course materials. (You may not use Wikipedia for any CSU-Global assignment.) For this assignment, a credible source is defined as:

  • Scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Trade or industry journal articles, publications, or websites, including those from trade organizations. Consider CIO Magazine, the Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and similar solid sources.

Please be sure NOT to use direct quotations from sources and, instead, use paraphrasing or summarizing when needed.

Review the grading rubric, which can be found in the Module 4 folder.

Read the full project description, which contains information relevant to this Milestone, in the linked document at the end of the page. FULL Project description below:


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