LEG 100 Discussions fired Flight Attendants Fight Back Against United Airlines, law homework help

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LEG 100 Discussions

Discussion 1:

 Review the
article / videos below which set the stage for your discussion response.

Fired Flight Attendants Fight
Back Against United Airline (Full Report and Video [1:36])


  • Contracts (0:47)


Imagine you represent a person who claims to have been the
victim of a breach of contract. Determine the information that you would need
to know to best determine if there was a contract. How would you present a case
to a court to show your client was the victim of a breach of contract, and how
would you overcome the defenses to the alleged breach? Be sure to use legal
terms and concepts from the reading to support your analysis.

Discussion 2:

 View the clip below, in which one
person believes they are partners and the other believes it is an employer /
employee relationship. Agents may bind the principal in a number of ways. When
you are reviewing the video, consider whether the intentions / understanding of
each party make a difference, and then respond to the discussion question

Clip – Agency – Richard Gere: You
Work For Me (2012) (0:45)


As a small-business owner, you are
faced with rising costs, particularly employment costs, insurance, et cetera.
So, you decide to hire some friends and pay them as they work, rather than go
through the expense and procedure of bringing in “actual” employees. Your
friends wear the business uniform, deal with vendors and customers, and tell
friends and family that they work for the business. One friend / employee
orders way too much from a vendor. The vendor has dealt with the person
numerous times; in fact, the person has been ordering from the vendor for

Since the person who ordered was not
an “employee,” but a friend you hired, are you liable to pay for the improper

Discuss the implications of agency
that apply in this situation, and describe at least one (1) way the company may
be able to cancel or return the order in question.

Be sure to support your legal
analysis with concepts and definitions from the reading.


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