criminal justice ethic

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should be at least 750 words. are to be original in content and demonstrate a thorough analysis of the topic.

Include at least two properly cited peer reviewed references.

are some of the fundamental reasons we see police officers engage in
misconduct? Why are these ethical violations so serious and how do they
impact their relationship with the community? Fully explain and support
your answer.

The use of force, i.e., when force should be used and in what manner,
by law enforcement is constantly an issue for debate. With that, explain
your view on the use of force by police. As part of the response give a
situation (real or hypothetical) that illustrates your view. Be careful
to fully explain and support your answer.

with Q#2 in mind, the following video is presented. Here you will see a
Trooper using what was ultimately deemed to have used excessive force
as it regards apprehending a female speeder. Ultimately it costs him his
job, and earned her a 6 figure settlement. That aside, pls know there
are clearly different views on what the outcome here should have been
(i.e., some siding with the officer and others the female speeder).    

However for us the question to consider (as you draft your initial
response to Q#2) is such actions excessive or justified. In answering
such questions pls ensure to go beyond just opinion, i.e., support via
referenced examples and or data.

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