BUS390 Embry Riddle Aeronautical Sale of Commercial Property Contract Paper

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Hey, I need help with an assignment where changes need to be made to a real estate contract.

Here is the situation and what I am asked.

Sally’s Situation

Sally FaceTimes you; it’s 3 A.M. and you were up slugging away at your course work and tying up some loose ends for the project, so you didn’t mind the break. She instantly jumps in saying, “Look! I found a whole bunch of stuff that we need to review. After I received the Market study for that property in Boca (DOCX), I thought we should start reviewing the terms. The stuff I found will be great as an exercise to prepare us for negotiating the terms for the Boca property. I am sending it all over for you to review. When you finish looking it over, I think it would be fun to practice filling them out. Some of the stuff will help us understand the meaning of the various clauses and conditions contained in the agreements that we will encounter once we start negotiating to buy a property. Take a look at them; let me know what you think. I will send over instructions for an exercise we can do a little later.”

Your Assignment

Sally wants you to take a look at the Contract of Sale of Commercial Property (DOCX). and the Annotated Sale of Commercial Property Contract (DOCX). Sally also asks that you redraft clauses, change terms, add clauses, and make paragraphs mutual rather than one-sided. The article, The Purchase and Sale Agreement (Clark Wilson), (Links to an external site.) will help you in making the proper revisions. These Tips for Drafting Contracts (PDF) should be helpful too. Lastly, the assigned readings in the text are also a good resource for this assignment.


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