BUS 1173A Financial Management Theory Questions

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BUS1-173A Fin Mgt Theory Pol short answer questions (start from May 19 12:25pm PST)

Please make sure you are very professional and can do this without any time conflict .

The file will go alive around tomorrow 12:25pm PST. At that time, I will upload that and time limit will be 1hr 10min. I‘ve upload the pervious short answer questions with answers. It should be 27 questions combined with short answer and few exercise; All should be according to the time, so this cannot be extense and I think it will be short answer

Questions are based on textbook: Corporate Finance, Stephen Ross, 12e, I attached the link for the book

accounting or financial breakeven formulas from chapter 7 will not in the exm


I will provide you the logs for your access to the website and see me homework because is the most important part you need to study. Also, you need to read the book too.

Most of the exam questions should be based on HW questions


It is very similar to these two files, with some short answers, some calculation, attached both documents for you to have an idea about what you will see in the task. ONLY BID THE QUESTION IF YOU CAN HANDLE IT.

If you gimme a good work, I will tip a generous tip. Please be on time or one hour before. I will contact you some minutes before the deadline


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