MGT 526 University Of Phoenix AirAsia Group Berhad Competency Assessment Paper

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Assignment needs to be done on the company selected AirAsia Group.

First Part-

research AirAsia history.

Create a chart or outline that conveys the following information:

AirAsia Group Berhad

Travel Industry

(Brief history of company)

(At least 3 milestones from the company’s history)

3 resources (in addition to Business Source Complete) where you can locate company information. These may include company websites, current employees, journals, and so on.

Define 1 new unique business opportunity the company can do to increase its competitive advantage.

Identify a function of management that is needed for this opportunity.

Second Part instructions

Managers at each level of the organization use SWOT analysis to identify strategies that will best position the company to achieve its mission and goals.

The first step in a SWOT analysis is to identify and describe an organization’s strengths and weaknesses that characterize the present state of the company. The next step requires managers to identify potential opportunities and threats in the environment that affect the organization in the present or possibly in the future.

When the SWOT analysis is complete, managers begin developing strategies. These strategies should allow the company to attain its goals by taking advantage of opportunities, countering threats, building strengths, and correcting organizational weaknesses.

Congratulations! You’ve been hired as a manager and have been asked to analyze the current status of your organization (the company you selected in Part 1 of this assessment).

Review your organization’s SWOT analysis and other available sources to evaluate the strategic needs of the organization within a changing global environment. Complete the Organizational Analysis worksheet for your evaluation.

Note: This type of information is often found in the organization’s annual report.

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