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In a four to five page paper, please discuss one of the
following topics in relation to the concepts covered in this course:

•The act of flag burning


•Burning of a Cross

•Ban on Prayer in the School System, Sports Events

•Freedom of Speech on the Internet, Legal?

Make sure your paper follows APA formatting and citing
guidelines, and make sure you use a LEGAL analysis method.

Paraphrasing and quotes MUST HAVE IN TEXT CITATION. Once finished with the paper I will run it through a plagiarism site to check if it has been plagiarized before I pay the remainder.

Please don’t over bid if you do I will not accept it. However, if someone stays with my budget range and is able to provide a solid paper., I will only use you as a tutor and I have a lot of work that needs to be completed. Thank you in advance!

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper