Boston University Polaris Industries Inc Case Analysis

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The report should be 6-10 pages in length (maximum 1-1.5 line-spacing, 10-12 font size), listing all
resources used.

• The purpose of this case study is to apply your knowledge gained during the semester to a real case

• Take the approach you want to analyze a real case for your senior executives at the company

• Focus on “Logistics/Transportation” and also “Managerial” issues
• You should be able to support your recommendations by both qualitative and quantitative analyses
using the given data in the case.

•Where appropriate, make realistic assumptions in your analysis.

• Take the information in the case and expand (outside) above and beyond the case topic(s). It is
imperative you cite all outside sources.

• Complete a written analysis of the case comprised of four very clear sections

(grades will be impacted
negatively when deviating from this format):

– Key problems to Solve
– Your recommendation (i.e. specific actions to take)

– Benefits of your recommendation
– Risks to the success of your recommendation, what is missing? What additional information would
have helped to bolster your recommendation(s)?

– Any appendices for your calculations

• Submit the report with all relevant files, such as excel files by the deadline

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