Naming a Business Discussion

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Sally’s Idea

Sally just texted you all excited about a new project, which is a follow-up to last week’s grueling tasks. She wants you to develop the name of the new Restaurant you two are starting. Sally already has a catering business named “Eagle Catering Company, LLC.” This company has federal government contracts with Sally’s company to provide catering to the military. It is very lucrative financially.

You both have discussed the image for the future Restaurant. You both agreed that it should be an upscale restaurant with a menu brimming with exotic dishes that she has been working on all year at the CIA. She is working hard to finalize the secret ingredients and food preparation. You have advised Sally not to discuss the processes she is creating until she can protect her inventions under the intellectual property laws.

While eager to share, she realizes that it’s better to wait. She envisions that she will be able to charge upward of $250 a plate if she can accomplish her goals in the next few years after the restaurant is open. She believes that her cuisine will be to die for, and people will fly for it from all over the world. Sally indicates that she will be searching for some upscale locations with existing buildings for sale (See Module 5). She plans to compete with those big plate little food California restaurants that serve little daps of food crafted with liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide to make the food look like it smoking. One Cali restaurant that served dishes with N2O gas had everyone laughing out of their seats! You respond by telling her that maybe that’s not the recipe she wants to try considering the potential for tort liability associated with slip and fall cases.

When thinking of names, you should consider the information we know about Sally, the supplemental material and information from the module readings, and the research you conducted on restaurant names. The name you choose will follow you through the course.

Deciding on a Name

For your initial post:

  1. Read Restaurant Names and Ideas: 3 Rules and 7 Thought Starter (Buzztime). (Links to an external site.)
  2. Post two advantages and two disadvantages of naming from the readings, using a two by two chart.
  3. After you decide on a name, post the restaurant name and discuss the reasoning behind your choice by demonstrating;
    • That the name fits the profile of Sally’s vision of the type of restaurant she anticipates.
    • It establishes the identity you and Sally are trying to promote.
    • That the name by itself provokes an image and character that will invoke a sustainable, lasting name recognition that identifies your restaurant’s best qualities.
  4. Discussion posts and responses/replies must defend why your suggestion is the best pick.

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