MVCC Further Thoughts on Intrapreneurship Growth as Fundamental Idea Discussion

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Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Part 3: Applying the Model in your course textbook, and pay attention to the section, “Final Thoughts If You Take Nothing Else from This Book, Let It Be This.”

Assess the relative importance of the concluding ideas offered in this section. Address the following in your discussion post:

  • Which offered ideas have specific value to you? Offer the specific ideas in rank order from most to least important. Defend your ranking.
  • Based on your course experience, offer any additional ideas and takeaways you care to share about developing an intrapreneurial-focused culture. Defend your enumerated takeaways.

Offer a link to a video or an article that provides additional information about any part of the intrapreneurial process that appeals to you.

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