PJM 6620 NU Wk 2 Design Thinking Process Bartender Work Desire Discussion

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Design thinking deliverables on your career journey – you are the customer. Define the problem statement, using your profile/character find a job posting and complete an empathy map and develop a profile of an ideal candidate by reviewing your resume, how would you substitute, rearrange, eliminate and adapt your current resume
Include discovery interview questions, user needs assessment, Point of view (POV) and asking questions.
*Empathy map – the package states 2 empathy maps – I’m happy with you just providing 1 empathy map of that employer.

For this assignment, you will work to create key design thinking deliverables: Your Week 1-2 deliverables include:

o User Profile Canvas/ Persona (Pains, Gains, Jobs-to-be-done, Use Cases)

o Empathy Map (2 maps)

o Discovery Interview Questions

o User Needs through Needfinding (self-conducted)

o Point of View (POV) with explanation of each POV

o Idea Poster

o Prototype method and justification


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