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Defining a concept means that we
identify the specific qualities or requirements that specify when the concept
can be applied. To define a concept effectively, we must know what conditions
must be met in order to qualify as an example. For this assignment, we will
explore the concept of an American cultural identity.

Review the Thinking Passage,
“Defining the Concept of Cultural Identity” on pages 338-342 of your

    • Respond to questions #1, #5 and #6 “Questions for
      Analysis,” on page 313, forming and applying concepts to the idea of
      being an American.
    • Re-type and then respond to these questions. Your
      response should consist of 1-2 pages.

Be sure to submit your final draft
to the Dropbox by Sunday, 11:59PM (Mountain).

1. Before reading this article, what was your answer to the
question “Who’s American?” How did you develop this concept of being an
American? If you or your parents were born in another country, how would you
define the national identity of that country? (For example, what does it mean
to be Dominican or Chinese?)

2. How did the events of September 11, 2001, affect the
debate over what it means to be American?

3. How would you relate the concept of multiculturalism to
that of being an American? Do you think these concepts are in potential
conflict with each other? Why or why not?

4. How have wars traditionally influenced the general
perception of being an American?

5. How can the concept of a national identity both unite and
divide people?

6. After reflecting on these issues via this article, these
questions, and class discussions, has your concept of what it means to be an
American changed? If so, in what ways?

I NEED this done by 12pm sunday!

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