Juveniles Rights to Due Process, law homework help

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Review the article titled “Part 1: The History of Juvenile Justice:” located here. Be prepared to discuss.

From the e-Activity, select two (2) U.S. Supreme Court decisions that
impacted the manner in which the juvenile justice system handles juvenile
delinquency. Describe the significant manner in which the court rulings in
juvenile delinquency cases have altered the judicial system’s treatment of
juveniles as compared to the treatment of adults.

Support or critique the notion that juveniles who commit serious crimes
should face adult sanctions. Next, discuss whether or not the juvenile justice
system should be used exclusively for youths who engage in minor offenses.
Justify your response



Please respond to following statement. statement must include at least one question:

I believe that juveniles who commit serious crimes should face adult
sanctions.  Just as the events of Kent v United States,  Children of a certain
age who prove to have the intent and capablity should
face the same conseqences as others who demonstrate
that very same intent and capability.  The evil act was the same no matter the
age difference.



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