he Captain Edith Strong case study help

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Review the Captain Edith Strong case study attached in the word document.

Answer the questions that follow (also listed below). Number each question; write out the questions and provide a detailed answer for each. Your answers should be supported with the textbook readings (which is attached in word document) and outside research; you need a minimum of two references and citations.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. (The Questions would serve as headings, but you still need a title page, reference page, and proper margins and indentions).

The questions are bellow and are as follow:

What philosophical approach do you
believe Captain Strong should take in carrying out this project?

What specific
motivational strategies would you recommend that she consider?

Would E.R.G.
theory be applicable in this instance.? Why or why not?
Give several concrete

Would job enlargement or job enrichment be applicable in this case?


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