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Describe the key differences between primary, secondary, and tertiary
prevention programs. Discuss the overall effectiveness of these types of

From the e-Activity, identify at least two (2) factors that contribute to a
delinquency prevention program’s success. Specify the primary manner in which
these types of programs have improved the lives of juveniles and their families.


Respond to following statement response must include on question:

Primary prevention programs target the child at the
earliest point in their lives. This could start with vaccinations, early child
programs, home visits. The effectiveness of this program has been rated very
high, with less children getting involved with delinquent behaviors, excelling
in school, and parent participation; which helps with the development of child
mentally and socially.


Secondary prevention programs are for children that have already shown signs
of behavior problems that have been noticed by parents, teachers, and
counselors. This program aims to prevent serious or repeat delinquent behaviors
and targets those youths that are at high risk of becoming delinquents. This
program effectiveness depends on parent support and the willingness of the
individual to want to change.


Tertiary prevention targets existing delinquents in the attempt to reduce
recidivism by treating the juvenile with  appropriate therapeutic efforts or by
incapacitating the juvenile to protect the community against more delinquent
behaviors that could become more severe. Tertiary occurs primarily in the
juvenile system. Research have shown that these programs tend to have little or
no affect on delinquents, matter of fact, some of the programs does more hard
than good.

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