Business Law Enforceable Promises Scenario Study

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of us makes promises all of the time, and most promises we keep, but
some we don’t. The question this week focus on when a promise is – and
is not – enforceable. Said differently, when will the law make a person
keep a promise? Choose one
of the scenarios below and explain whether or not you think that the
promise made is enforceable. Make sure to think about the concepts of
offer, acceptance, consideration, legality and capacity.

  • Uncle
    John promises his nephew that he will give the nephew $10,000 on his
    18th birthday if the nephew doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, do
    illegal drugs, or engage in any immoral behaviors.
  • Bill
    asks Sally to marry him, and her answer is “yes”. Bill then sells his
    favorite sports car and pays upfront for a lavish wedding ceremony and a
    3-week trip to Europe.
  • Keith
    agrees to transport ceramic figurines from Los Angeles to New York City
    in his moving truck. What he doesn’t know is that each figurine is
    filled packets of cocaine.
  • Maria
    and Jennifer are having drinks at a local bar, and both are a bit
    tipsy. As the night goes on, Maria asks Jennifer to trade Jennifer’s
    3-carat diamond ring for Maria’s 1978 Ford Duster, and Jennifer agrees
    to the deal.

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