Born or Made That Way? Jason Case Study, law homework help

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or Made That Way? Jason Case Study

In this assignment, you will be using the
DSM-5 (link given in the resources), which provides descriptions of
psychiatric conditions, including criteria for determining whether a condition
exists and treatment recommendations, as well as other details.

You may review the document Accessing the DSM-5 and the Mental Measurement
Yearbook (given in the resources) to understand how to access the DSM-5
in the Capella library.

For this assignment, you will review the
media Jason’s Case Study as a focus, as you start to develop you own premises
of how you would explain criminal behavior.


After reviewing the media Jason’s Case
Study, access the DSM-5 and read about the following:

. For example, depressive and bipolar
disorders. Is Jason’s difficulty self-regulating, a biological condition, or a
learned behavior?

Substance abuse. For example, is Jason’s drug use indicative of a disease
model or is it socially influenced?

Anxiety. For example, is Jason dealing with a neurochemical or
hormonal imbalance, or is it a learned behavior or a behavior modification, or
is there some secondary gain for Jason?

. For example, does Jason experience
thought distortion or difficulty with reality testing?

your paper:

Analyze the case study in terms of the
psychology described in the DSM-5. Note: Choose only one of
the disorders
listed that you think is most closely related to Jason’s
case. Through
your analysis of Jason’s case study and your reading in the DSM-5,
describe how he meets the criteria of the disorder you have chosen. Remember, a
disorder is based on time, duration, intensity, and the degree to which it
interferes with everyday functioning (social, interpersonal, work, and patterns
in relationships) and not just the observable behavior.

social factors (for example, parenting styles, rejection by loved ones, lack of
limits, et cetera) that impact Jason’s behavior (for example, his bullying,
lying, and drug use).

what you have found in the case that is relevant for a court case for either
the defense or the prosecution. Without considering establishing competency or
sanity, reflect on the implications of what you have seen in the DSM-5 and
the case study in terms of criminal justice for Jason.

Other Requirements

APA formatting:. 3-4 typed, double-spaced pages, not
including the title page or the references page.

References: A minimum of
three references.

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