GCCCD Disappointed Brides and George the Tailor Case Discussion

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Please refer to the Rubric at the upper right to be sure that you include everything that is necessary to complete this discussion. So you need to post your answer(s) and reply to another post. It closes at midnight on April 19. Don’t forget to cite the text and the specific page number. Spelling, grammar and syntax also count. Have fun!!

The Case of the Disappointed Brides and George the Tailor

Sally and Samantha became engaged and decided to have their favorite tailor, George, design and make their wedding gowns. They set a date for the ceremony 8 months in the future. George had been making dresses and suits for them over many years and he knew their tastes and their measurements. He has a thriving business in a busy retail area. He suspected that they were lesbians, but they always paid him on time and they always gave a big tip. They initially told George that there was going to be a double wedding with Sally and her twin sister. They were the same size, so the dresses should be identical. Sally and George entered into a contract to have the dresses made for $5,000 each. Sally gave George $2,000 down and she said she’d pay the rest when the dresses were delivered. The dresses were to be ready to pick up one month before the wedding.

At a latter meeting, one week before the big wedding they had an appointment to discuss the gowns. They informed George that they were lesbians and that one was for Sally and the other was for Samantha. They thought there should not be a problem since they were the same size. George informed the engaged couple that he was opposed to same sex marriage and would not make their wedding gowns and he would not refund the deposit. He also stated that they owed him the balance which was $8,000. Sally demanded that George finish the dresses as promised. She said there was no time to get another dress maker to make the dresses in time for the wedding. They were expecting 250 guests at the wedding. George was adamant that he would never deliver the dresses to them, even though they were completely done.

Since George would not deliver the dresses, they had to postpone the wedding for three months. Their expenses included deposits for the flowers, photographer, cake, church, officiant, caterer and bartenders and reception room. The total out of pocket expenses were $2000 dress deposit plus $6,000 in nonrefundable deposits.

At the Trial

Sally and Samantha sued George. They brought in evidence showing that George had always made their clothes, knew they were a couple and had never expressed his concerns about their relationship. They have been unable to timely find another designer/tailor to complete their gowns. As a result, they did not have their dream wedding. They had $8,000 in cancellation expenses.

The Arguments at Trial

Sally and Samantha’s attorney argues that George has no right to discriminate against them because of their sexual orientation, which is a protected class. In fact, the state in which they reside allows for same sex marriage, thus no law was being broken. George had taken care of their specialty clothing needs for years and his abrupt refusal, caused them substantial costs and emotional distress.

George’s attorney argues that George is invoking his right to freedom of religion. If George made the gowns for the couple, that would constitute an endorsement of their homosexuality and that was something his religion did not allow. Since they did not tell him they were lesbians, they committed fraud and were not entitled to anything from him. He was asking the court to award him the balance of the contract in the amount of $8,000 and punitive damages in the amount of $10,000 for fraud in not telling him that they were lesbians.

Questions to Discuss

1. If you were on the jury in this case, who would you decide for and why?
2. What if any damages would you award Sally and Samantha? Explain.

3. What if any damages would you award George? Explain.

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Jury Discussion

Jury Discussion

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