AJS504 Week 5 Police and People of Different Cultures Paper

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Read about Sir Robert Peel’s nine principles on policing in Peel’s Principles and Their Acceptance by American Police: Ending 175 Years of Reinvention by Keith Williams in the Week 5 University Library Readings.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word plan of action for a police department to address improving its relationship with the following cultural populations:

  • African American
  • Hispanic
  • Asian
  • Native Americans
  • Muslims or any other religious groups

Be sure to incorporate the following into your plan of action:

  • The effect of improving cultural diversity in public policing
  • Current cultural issues that are prominent in public policing and private security
  • How Sir Robert Peel’s principles are applicable today

Format your letter consistent with APA guidelines.

Include a title page,reference page, in text citations, no plagiarism, page headers and numbers


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