history of Great Britain and the U.S., Assignment homework Help

Considering the history of Great Britain and the U.S., do you think that it was wise for Great Britain to serve as America’s ally in the fight against terror? Base your response on what you’ve learned in link below and your current knowledge of global affairs.

1-2 paragaph 

Northern Virginia Community College Epic of Gilgames Book Discussion

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Compare the assigned primary sources and write a discussion post answering the following questions:

  • What specific similarities between the two stories were you able to find? 
  • What might account for these similarities?

Determine whether you prefer Debussy or Mahler, History Assignment Homework Help


Determine whether you prefer Debussy or Mahler after listening to works by each at the Websites below or in this week’s Music Folder and after reading about them. Explain the reasons for your preference. Here we find musical composers inspired by poetry and by philosophy. Identify one (1) element within a work that you find interesting or intriguing by either composer, with regard to the manner in which the work is performed or conducted. Describe the types of things that inspire you to creativity.

Must use following sources

Chapter 33 (p. 1092-4), Debussy; (pp. 1104-1105), Mahler; review the Week 7 “Music Folder”

  • “Approaching Mahler and Debussy” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYZ1mUupG7k
  • Musical selections for Mahler – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RONBzkthUjM (Symphony No. 2, Finale; Resurrection Symphony) or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbRyttzUzjI (Symphony No. 1, 3rd Movement).
  • Musical selection for Debussy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvnRC7tSX50 (Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune)

    PART 2

    respond to following statement:

    Due to the fact that I am very calm natured, i prefer Debussy over Mahler. Although Mahler has very unique composing and performing techniques, I found Debussy’s style very appalling. After watching one of his performances on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvnRC7tSX50, I noticed that he tunes in on each instrument and ensures that every instrument is heard and incorporated. In my opinion that was intriguing because each instrument had its on sound but blended into such harmonious perfection. Being that I am a fan of music, I love listening to it but not for just pleasure but to help my creativity ow at times as well. Melodies help bring emotion which I can use to help various ideas flow. 

    compare and contrast the views of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke.

    In an essay, compare and contrast the views of Thomas Hobbes and John
    Locke. Then, state which one you agree with and explain why. This
    should be at least 400 words
    , using strong supportive details for each
    part of the assignment.
    Please write your essay in MLA format, and follow the
    standard five paragraph model. Your essay should have an introduction
    paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.

    Use at least 2 credible sources.

    Life in the Roaring Twenties discussion

    The 1920s has been characterized as the “Roaring 20s.” Was it a party for all?

    You can search “Life in the Roaring Twenties” on Youtube. It is a 25mins long video.

    Laramie County Community College The Womans Hour by Elaine Weiss Discussion

    I WILL BE INSERTING THE INFORMATION ON THE BOOK, what i am requesting is 4-5 pages on the information provided, answering the questions given in this descriptions. I will be providing more pdfs for information and quoteable citations!

    Paper: The Woman’s Hour (Paper Due: November 29). Elaine Weiss states in her book, The Woman’s Hour, that “all of the core elements of American history—race, class, money, gender, states’ rights, and even the ghosts of the Civil War—converge and become explosive in Nashville (“Reader’s Guide to The Woman’s Hour, 6). Complete a 4-6 page paper in response to the following prompts using material from the book, The Woman’s Hour, Voices of Freedom (pp. 14-17, pp. 81-84, pp. 92-95, pp. 114-119, and Give Me Liberty! (pp. 676-677, pp. 721-724, 750-751, pp. 787-789). There are two parts to this paper. All students must read The Woman’s Hour and address the following questions:

    Part 1:

    1. What attracted women and men to align in support of the suffrage movement or against the suffrage movement?
    2. What were the arguments for and against suffrage? Why would women, in particular, be attracted to the “Antis?”
    3. Can the suffragists’ use of racist rationales to win the support of Southern legislators be justified?
    4. What strategies were used in Tennessee in the summer of 1920 by both those supporting suffrage and those opposed to suffrage?
    5. Who were the most significant legislators in the ratification fight? Why did they choose the side they were on? Were they affected by influences from outside Tennessee? How did they try to secure the outcome that coincided with their views?
    6. Who do you think was the most important person in this story and what were the consequences of their actions?

    Part 2:

    Explore how the struggle for free elections, participation in the voting process, equal pay for equal work, equal access to health care, etc. in the United States continues. There are a variety of topics that you may choose from—pick one. If you are having difficulty coming up with a topic, please let me know and I will help you. Once you have identified the contemporary issue you will address in your paper, make the connection between your current issue and history;

    1. How does the history of the suppression of rights of various groups based upon social and economic class, gender, race, religion, etc., impact the power to effect change in society to this day?
    2. Do you see any similarities in what the suffragists faced from corporations who worked to influence public opinion and legislative action against the ratification of Amendment Nineteen and the modern phenomenon of “dark money” entering political campaigns today?
    3. In what ways might the actions of leaders of the suffrage movement and their strategies from the early 1900s be seen in “efforts to alter societal norms and cultural customs today?”

    Fully cite all of your sources.. This paper must be typed in Times New Roman, 12 point font, double-spaced and cited in Chicago Manual of Style using footnotes throughout your paper. Please include a Bibliography—NOT a Works Cited or Reference page. Information about how to format your papers and cite sources using Chicago Manual of Style can be found on the course website in the module “Syllabus and Course Information.” You should not need to use any other sources to complete the first part of this assignment other than the book, The Woman’s Hour and the assigned readings from Voices of Freedom and Give Me Liberty!.

    Make sure you cite the research you have completed regarding the current issue. A copy of the rubric that will be used to grade this paper is on the course website.

    This paper needs to be typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced and cited in Chicago Manual of Style using footnotes throughout your paper and completing your citations by providing a bibliography. Make sure you cite your current issue.

    Discuss how the Etruscans envisioned death and the afterlife. History homework help

    Using an example, discuss how the Etruscans envisioned death and the afterlife and how artworks were used to express this vision.

    HIST 405 Keiser Career College History Discussion

    Week 5 Discussion: Industrialization, Imperialism, and America’s Entry Into WWI

    Required Resources
    Read/review the following resources for this activity:

    Textbook: Chapter 17 (section 17.4), 18 (section 18.3), 19 (sections 19.1, 19.2), 21 (sections 21.2, 21.4)


    Minimum of 1 scholarly source (in addition to the textbook) Textbook-OpenStax. (2019). U.S. history. OpenStax CNX. Retrieved from https://cnx.org/contents/p7ovuIkl@6.18:gMXC1GEM@7/IntroductionLinks to an external site.

    Initial Post Instructions
    For the initial post, pick two (2) of the following categories representing minority groups during 1880-1914:

    Women’s rights activists

    African Americans

    Immigrants from southern and eastern Europe

    Child workers

    Great Plain Indians

    • Then, address the following for your selections:
    • Explain the socio-economic status and challenges of your minority groups at the turn of the century.
    • How did the Industrial Revolution affect your chosen minority groups?

    Analyze how the Progressives brought reform to your selected minority groups. Do you find that the Progressives were successful in making government responsive and improve the conditions of your chosen minority group

    Why would the people and legislature of Texas want the governor to have this particular power?, discussion help

    The overwhelming message of this chapter is that the Texas governor is weak, and Texans want it that way. Yet the governor of Texas has the power of the line-item veto, a power the president does not possess. Why would the people and legislature of Texas want the governor to have this particular power?

    Just has to be a short paragraph long 

    The Renaissance Begins in Italy, history assignment help

    Italian political writer
    Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince is one of the most powerful discussions of politics during the Italian
    Renaissance. Machiavelli wrote the book to offer practical advice to Italian
    nobles. The book reflects the way he thought that government actually worked,
    rather than the lofty, often unrealistic ideals expressed by others. Machiavelli
    believed that a ruler should be concerned only with power and success. Today, The Prince is considered a portrayal
    of how leaders often have to act ruthlessly.

    1.  Think about Machiavelli’s ideas on political
    leadership. Is he right? Is he wrong? Should we expect our political leaders to
    always be virtuous as well as effective? Which is more important in a leader,
    virtue or effectiveness? Why? Write an essay explaining your answer to these