World History 9 questions, According to the United Nations, the greatest global health issue in the world is the Malaria epidemic, history homework help

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1) According to the United Nations, the greatest global health issue in the world is the Malaria epidemic.

a) True

b) False

By what decade did the Armenians began to demand their independence?

a) 1900s

b) 1880s


d) 1910s

All of the following happened following the Armenians’ pledge of support for Turkish enemies EXCEPT:

a) The Turkish rulers granted the Armenians their independence.

b) More than 600,000 Armenians died of starvation while being deported.

 c) The Turkish deported more than 1.4 million Armenians.

d) Armenians were killed by Turkish soldiers

4) Which of the following was a new technology introduced and used in the First World War?

a) Canons

b) Missiles

c) Poison gas

d) Nuclear weapons

Where did the main fighting of World War 1 occur?

a) Pacific Islands

b) Southeast Asia

c) The Eastern and Western Fronts

d) Southern Africa

In 2005, the number of refugees in the world was:

a) 1 million

b) 19.2 million

c) 500,000

d) 1 billion

7) What is the function of NATO?

a) It set human rights standards for all nations.

b) It was implemented to prevent nuclear war.

c) It was established to create a balance of power.

d) It is an agreement signed by participating nations that there will be a mutual defense and protection to an attack on any one of the nations who signed the agreement.

How long did it take Saddam Hussein’s government to fail after President Bush invasion in Iraq, in 2003?

a) 4 months

b) 4 weeks

d) 6 months

d) 2 years


What part of the world has suffered the most from the AIDS epidemic?

a) North America

b) Asia

c) North Africa

d) Sub-Saharan Africa

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