HIST 101 Modesto Junior College US History Discussion

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Answer the following questions 

  1. Using the best historical evidence at your disposal, speculate on the reasons the section on the slave trade being eliminated and what it says about the nature of political compromise and self-interest.
  2. Though the evidence provided in the Declaration is fairly specific, many of its “self-evident truths” are rather vague–perhaps intentionally so. Based on your reading of it, decide (and explain why) which of the following would be the best solution in the case of a colony prior to the American Revolution where only 40% of the population was in favor of (or opposed to) secession from Britain. (Keep in mind the notion that a government derives its power from the consent of those governed.) Choose one of the following and elaborate.
    1. The colony should secede from Britain
    2. The colony should not secede from Britain.
    3. The colony’s territory should be divided as equitably as possible on the basis of public support for secession, with all those favoring secession moving into one area, to become independent, and all those opposed moving into the other area, to remain a colony of Britain.
    4. The colony’s future should be decided by the majority, with the minority given the option of being exchanged with the minority population of another colony that reached the opposite decision.

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